Michigan State can’t survive a third overtime, and Barrett is taking one of the most gratifying kneel downs of his life

In the hearing, Roberts said she spoke to Elliott’s accuser six times, two of which were considered interviews.

“As I was looking through that additional evidence, if you will, of what had occurred on different evenings, whether that was the photographs that she took or text message communications or speaking to other witnesses, there were concerns that I had about her credibility,” Roberts said. (page 48)

But I’ll repeat something that one owner told me before the last New York meetings 13 days ago: Goodell has so few friends on the player side—he has a cold relationship with union chief DeMaurice Smith—and he’s feeling the cold shoulder from more and more owners that he doesn’t have the chips to call in to make tough deals right now. And certainly not something as important to an increasing group of players and owners as the anthem issue.

The guy you all thought couldn’t win the big game just went 13-of-13 for 170 yards and three touchdowns in the fourth quarter to upset Penn State 39-38. And with that knee, the playoff committee lets out a giant sigh of relief, because now they can rank Alabama and Georgia No. 1 and No. 2, lessening the chances of a possible SEC title game rematch in the CFP semifinals. We see you smiling, Kirby Hocutt.

Nothing jells a team trying to incorporate new personnel like a matchup with a doormat. Accordingly, the Thunder took out a couple of weeks worth of frustration on Chicago on Saturday night. Getting the choreography right will take some time. But can someone explain how OKC, a team that led the NBA last season in rebounding rate, can rank 30th on the defensive glass?

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