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Remember how shaky Carson Wentz was during the dog days of the 2016 season?

Mazzant said that he issued the injunction because this is not a matter of guilt or innocence, but whether or not the disciplinary process was applied properly.

“The Court finds, based upon the injunction standard, that Elliott was denied a fundamentally fair hearing by Henderson’s refusal to allow Thompson and Goodell to testify at the arbitration hearing,” Mazzant said in the ruling.

What Goodell is trying to do with the anthem is simple—he’s trying to build some sort of consensus between a group of players who have different interests in civil-rights issues. He feels if he pushes for a consensus too hard and tries to force all players to stand before a deliberate partnership plan with players is agreed to, too many players would splinter off, and there’d be a much larger group of players standing or kneeling for the anthem. It’s a sticky problem.

Part of it was opposing defenses making adjustments, but the issue was compounded by a lack of anyone who could make a play or draw double coverage. Similarly, Jared Goff was plagued by offensive line problems a year ago, but his struggles were also the result of life with Kenny Britt as your No. 1 target.

Last winter, Wentz picked up Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith, and while neither has lit it up Jeffery demands extra attention and Smith stretches the opposing secondary (plus, having them on the perimeter allowed Nelson Agholor to move to the slot where he has thrived). In L.A., rookie Cooper Kupp has provided Goff with a true security blanket possession receiver, while Sammy Watkins consistently tips coverages, making life much easier for the second-year QB.

Jameis Winston remains on an upward track in his third NFL season despite dealing with shoulder-related ailments the past three games.

The court also ordered the District Court of Eastern Texas to dismiss Elliott’s case entirely.

A year earlier, Telyse says Isaiah had been removed from his mother’s care after suffering abuse at the hands of a boyfriend. Both Zaevion and Isaiah had the same father, Telyse’s brother, who waved his parental rights so that Telyse could adopt the pair. She moved to a house across from Phelps Park, where the Falcons’ basketball and football club teams were establishing reputations as local powerhouses.

Darrell Johnson, a 47 year old barber from Minneapolis, was one of the boys’ first coaches, in 8-under basketball and later, football. “For someone to take in children, even them being your blood, and do what she did,” Johnson says of Telyse. “She reminds me of my mother who passed away three years ago. I was just happy to be around somebody like that, and if I could help a person like that, I’m gonna do it.”

When that happens in high school, when someone is hurt seriously, sometimes the practice just ends. But my first year at the University of Wisconsin, I remember a guy going down in practice, and he was in pain laying there on the field, and everybody stopped to look. After a couple of seconds, one of the coaches hollered:

The court finally issued its decision on Thursday, Oct. 12. The panel of three judges sided with the NFL in a split decision on the basis that the federal court that issued the injunction did not have subject matter jurisdiction. Elliott’s six-game suspension was reinstated, and the NFL said it is effective immediately.

The NFLPA asked the court to recall that mandate, but the court denied that motion.

However, Elliott’s representatives have asked for a rehearing. They petitioned the court for an en banc hearing, which would involve all of the judges in the 5th Circuit as opposed to a panel of three judges.

How much more effective would The Miztourage be with Zack Ryder and Dolph Ziggler instead of the Bo Dallas/Curtis Axel tandem?

Jordan may want something closer to his maximum salary of $35 million. He has discussed an extension, but he would earn less going that route; talks have stalled. “If they want me, yeah, I’d love to be here,” Jordan says. “But I don’t have an extension, do I? So we’ll see.” (Jordan is also negotiating without an agent. He parted ways with Dan Fegan, his old agent, after the Dallas hostage situation. “I haven’t had the best experiences with agents,” Jordan says.)

The veteran unfurled a catalog of sensational throws against Houston’s wanting secondary, tossing a pair of scoring bullets to Paul Richardson and a 53-yard bomb to receiver Tanner McEvoy during a game that saw both teams combine for 79 points, 988 yards and five lead changes. Wilson’s efforts are even more impressive as he’s doing this for an offense utterly bereft of a ground game.

A few weeks ago, I advised you to go out of your way to try to acquire LeSean McCoy (5.7 OTD), who had yet to score a touchdown on the season. Two games later, McCoy has three scores under his belt. Though he’s quickly wheeling in his OTD, it’s worth noting that Mike Tolbert (2.5 OTD, one TD) is going to vulture touchdowns if his current usage keeps up.

McCoy has seven carries inside the opponent’s 7-yard line, and Tolbert is just behind with four. McCoy entered 2017 as a strong bet for touchdown regression to the mean after he scored 13 times last season despite a 6.9 OTD. He has overcorrected a bit out of the gate this season. Expect the touchdowns to keep rolling in as the season progresses.